Floral & Events

We do WAY more than just flowers.

We do not expect you to be a flower expert. That is what we are here for. Every wedding, client, and event is different. We find out what you like, colors, your goal, vision, and style. Based off of your preferences we will help guide/suggest flower options to that fit best. 

When you hire Jordan Flowers & Events you receive the ultimate floral & event design pampering. We want to keep you “in-the-know”, as well as relieving you of any stress when it comes down to the floral & décor. Our job is to be your flower guide and help our client’s dreams come true. 

We start with your colors:

After we have our selected color palette, and have seen client’s examples, we select the flowers & greenery to create their vision and to form a floral ingredient list/vision board like ones below.

Greenery Ingredient Board